6th Sunday of Easter

by Rev. Sleevaraj Pasala  |  05/22/2022  |  From the Clergy

This Sunday we hear from the Gospel: Jesus said, ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled! How often do we feel troubled or traumatized or feel depressed!

Maybe when the family is falling apart; Spouses having issues and troubles and drifting away from faith;

Or when we experience failures in Life; There are times we feel our prayers not answered and we are discouraged; Or when you feel lonely and get depressed!

Dear friends, during these troubled times, let us focus on Jesus the Good Shepherd who assured us, ‘I will give you Peace; I will give you rest; Have Faith in me.’ With Jesus, Peace is established and restored.

We experience inner peace by the Love of Jesus that dwells in our hearts. He is the only one who can bring us true peace and fulfillment to our Lives. Jesus said, ‘I give peace not as the world gives…’

The world promises peace in many ways: may be through money and material things; But remember friends that this kind of peace could be smashed into pieces anytime! It might vanish soon because it is built on false hopes and promises like Satan did to Adam and Eve.

Therefore, peace that Jesus gives us is the True One because it is built on the Love of Jesus and our faith in Him. Nothing can deter us and Nothing can make us fall apart if we have Love of Jesus and have faith in Him.