The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

by Rev. Sleevaraj Pasala  |  06/19/2022  |  From the Clergy

Greetings, good people of St. Stanislaus! As most of you probably know, Bishop Cotta has appointed me as the Parochial Administrator of St. Stanislaus beginning July 1st, 2022. While I am honored that he has entrusted me with this great responsibility, I do know the position has the possibility of becoming overwhelming, so I am asking you all to have patience with me and to pray extra for me as I take the reign as Administrator.

Many have wondered and even more have asked “why am I the Administrator and not the Pastor.” That is a great question, so I will try to clarify and answer that question in short form. When a parish is vacant, meaning the pastor has been moved or retired, or in our case, the Parish Life Coordinator, the bishop has made the decision to return to the previous model of having a priest be the designated head of the parish. When a priest has never been a pastor before, such as in my case, the bishop will first appoint him as Parochial Administrator. In general, an Administrator has the same duties and scope of authority as a pastor; however, before the office of Pastor is conferred on someone, it is necessary that his suitability be clearly evident by means of some method determined by the diocesan bishop. If after a period of time it is evident that I am able to lead a parish, then the bishop may decide to then make me an official Pastor; an Administrator is the first step in becoming a Pastor.

Regardless of what my official title is, I am an extension of the bishop, and in the example of Christ, the Good Shepherd, must care for the souls of the faithful entrusted to me-each one of you!