Make Room for Christ

by Fr. Adrian Cisneros  |  07/31/2022  |  From the Clergy

Dear St. Stanislaus Community,

Having nearly completed my first month as official administrator of the parish, I thank you for your enthusiastic welcome and am humbled by the overwhelming amount of support that has been offered to me. This past July 6th I celebrated my three year anniversary as a priest, so in many ways I am still learning what it means to be a priest and how to be the best priest I can; participating in the Eternal and One True Priesthood of Jesus Christ.

I am excited and am having fun learning more about St. Stanislaus-the community and its needs. I thank all of you who attended the first two listening sessions this past week! By me simply being present and listening I have learned so much. There are two more listening sessions scheduled for August (look out for those dates). With that, I understand that I cannot do everything all at once, so I do ask for your patience and understanding in this area. I ask for your prayers for me and for our entire community. I leave you something from the book The Imitation of Christ:

“Make room for Christ. When you possess Christ, you are a rich man, for he is sufficient for you. He himself, shall provide for you and faithfully administer all your cares…Put all your trust in God; let him be both your fear and your love. He will respond on your behalf and will do whatever is in your best interest.”