Living Water

by Fr. Adrian Cisneros  |  03/12/2023  |  From the Clergy

Greetings my parish family!

Thank you to all of you who have already given to this year’s BMA campaign. If you still haven’t given or made a pledge, please do so, as I would like all the families of the parish to participate this year. The back of the bulletin has information for giving online or you may find some envelopes at the entrance of the church. I need everyone’s help with this!

This weekend’s gospel for the third week of Lent talks about living water, water from the Lord which will leave us satiated so we will never thirst again. We have been praying for rain here in our area for what seems like forever, and God has blessed us with quite a wet season or rain and a lot of snow in the mountains! While this water is necessary for us to live our daily lives and for food to grow, it is not the same water that Jesus is talking about. He refers to a “spring of water welling up to eternal life-the waters of baptism, and ultimately thirsting more for Christ in our lives. During this Lenten time in “the desert,” what are you thirsting for? What kind of water are you seeking to drink, one that will leave you still thirsty, or one that will lead us to never thirst again?

As we are reminded of the cleansing waters of baptism, let us also keep in mind the healing sacrament of reconciliation, come to Jesus with a contrite, but hopeful heart, especially as we continue to prepare for Easter. Look at page 8 in the bulletin for the Lenten penance services at out parish and in the area, for this is a great time of year to approach the sacrament of reconciliation. May God continue to Bless you as we walk this Lenten journey together.