July 29

by Fr. Adrian Cisneros  |  07/29/2023  |  Repair

My dear St. Stanislaus family,

I pray that your summer is going well and that you are able to slow down little bit, or at least re-charge bit. have completed one year as the parochial administrator of St. Stanislaus, and as of July 6th four years as priest-time has gone by so fast!

I am reminded time and time again that God is in control, that need to trust Him more and that am priestly steward of this parish and its resources. Remembering that, am truly grateful for all the support have received from so many of you-I sincerely appreciate you!

We are three months into the repair project of the church on Maze, and if you have driven by it recently, you will see that Acme construction is moving along fast and until this point, they are on target for this 8-12 month-long project. The main issue we are addressing, and that was faulty in the original construction, is that the church is not waterproof, and as you have noticed every time it rains, water gets into many areas of the building.

We are also going to be addressing the HVAC system and the lighting during this time. Yes, realize there are other areas that could be improved, and those will be addressed with time.

Thank you for your patience during this project as know it is little more work and effort and time changing locations of liturgies and Masses, lack of parking, etc. Remember, this is only temporary and the goal is to be back inside the church on Maze before Easter 2024.

I pray for you and our parish every day, and ask you for your continued support of me and St. Stanislaus, including your prayers for successful repair project. God Bless you and our families.