The parable of the Good Samaritan

by Rev. Sleevaraj Pasala  |  07/10/2022  |  From the Clergy

The message of the Gospel: all of us can be the Good Samaritans given our capacity and ability. Putting into good use our Time, Talent and Wealth.

When we have strong yearning for something; our mind, our heart and our strength are involved; there is complete focus to achieve a particular goal! Jesus is calling us to involve this way in fulfilling the Golden rule: love of God and love of neighbor with all our mind, with all our heart and with all our strength.

Jesus gives us the example of a Good Samaritan who is good to a stranger and fulfilled the Golden-Rule. What is good about the Good Samaritan? He was good at mind so he thought of helping; he was good at heart and so he felt empathetic for the stranger who was in difficult situation The Good Samaritan put into use all his God-given time, talent and strength and wealth to help the stranger.

We can ask ourselves, retrospecting our conscience, ‘Am I a good man; Am I a good woman?

When it comes to fulfilling the Golden Rule: Pray everyday that we be good at mind; good at heart and use our strength for the betterment of the world around us witnessing to God’s Love.